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                                                                                        Irrigation Field Day Held

Adet Agricultural Research Center conducted a field on 21st March 2017 in Mecha Woreda Koga Irrigation Trial Site at Kudmi Kebele . The purpose of the field day was to acquaint farmers and other stakeholders with irrigation research activities that have been carried out on different crops such as malt barley, wheat, potato, field pea, maize, watermelon, tef and others. Over 70 participants represented from Koga Irrigation Development Project, Bahir Dar Seed Quality Control Office, Amhara Seed Enterprise, Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI), Adet Agricultural Research Center, Mecha Woreda Agricultural Development Office have attended the field day. The majority of participants were farmers from Kudmi and other nearby kebeles.

Malt barley seed multiplication research activity was one of the research activities that most attracted the attention of the viewers. Seed multiplication activity that has been carried-out on three high yielding malt barley varieties (Ibon-174, Sabine and EH-1847) during the dry season could be taken as one option to overcome the problem (decline in quality as a result of rain during its final stage of growth ) arising from similar activity during the rainy season.

The center director in his well coming address pointed out that Ethiopia is importing malt barley from abroad every year spending millions of dollars despite the fact that the country has the potential to produce it. He also affirmed that farmers have started to produce malt barley since the past 3 or 4 years but the production is meager both in quality and quantity. Furthermore, the center director accentuated that Adet Research Center will play its important role in providing startup technology so that farmers could work aggressively to be the sole suppliers of the raw material for malt factories (Gonder and Debre Birhan) already established in the region.

Finally, in the wrap-up discussion, participants have made vibrant and interactive discussion on issues like the gravity of market linkage; the need to seek for market place in Bahir Dar, the importance of avoiding middlemen and building own bargaining power; efficient and effective utilization of water as scarce resource; diversification of irrigation crops rather than sticking only on horticultural crops; the importance of undertaking pre-scaling up activity on field pea; the need to conduct research on crop protection; the urgency of generating new technologies and the diffusion of recommendations on hot pepper.

                                                                                          field day

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                                          Awards Given to Research Centers and Researchers

Gonder, Adet and Andassa Research Centers were awarded as the best research centers among all research centers in 2016. The Amhara Agricultural Research Center has selected the research centers based on the criteria set by the Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Agriculture. These centers were chosen for their outstanding performance with respect to new technology generation; recommendation (technology) on acid soil treatment and pest management; forage development using hand dug wells; technology pre-scaling up and seed multiplication activities; community based cattle and goat improvement activities; good governance, team building and establishment of banana and Shiferaw/moringa villages, etc.

Likwise, Dr.Tadele Amare from Adet, Dr. Yeshiembet Chanyalew from Debre Birhan and Ato Yonas Worku from Gonder Research Center were also rewarded for their excellent performance in 2016. The researchers were selected for overcoming their duties and responsibilities by undertaking tasks such as discovery of treatment against liver fluke; recommendation on pasture management; technology on synchronization and artificial insemination; research result on the efficacy of a vaccine against pasteurollosis; pre-scaling up of integrated agronomic practices on sorghum and chickpea; recommendations on tef trampling, organic and inorganic fertilizer usage; technology on acid soil treatment, compost and vermi-compost and project lobbying. The three centers and the researchers were rewarded with cups and Samsung tablet respectively on the 8th National Farmers and Semi-pastoralists festival held in Adama from 10-12 March 2017.

The institute believes that the research centers and the researchers would keep up their efforts, achieve lots of success and be rewarded again.

Once again, the institute wishes them all success in their future endeavors.  


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                                   Agricultural Growth Program II (AGP II) Annual Review Meeting Conducted

Agricultural Growth Program II (AGP II) Annual Review Meeting was conducted on the 17th February 2017 at the venue of the Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) meeting hall in the presence of researchers from Debre Birhan, Adet, Gonder, Andassa and Bahir Dar Fishery and Other Aquatic Life research centers. During the review meeting meticulous discussion has been made on technology adaptation and generation, pre-extension and demonstration, technology multiplication and capacity development that encompasses both human and physical. Completed and ongoing activities of crop, livestock and fishery, socioeconomics and extension, soil and water management and use had been thoroughly discussed, modified and approved. Furthermore, new research activities of the five research programs were reviewed and approved for 2017/2018.





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2017 Review Workshop Held

2015 and 2016 Completed Experiments and 2017 New Proposals Annual Regional Review Workshop was held from 6-17 March 2017 at the conference hall of the Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) with the financial support of Agricultural Growth Program II. Participants of the workshop were from the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Water and Land Resource Center (WLRC), Forest Research Center (FRC), Bioversity International, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), International Center for Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), Ethiopia Institute of Biodiversity, Addis Abeba University (AAU), the Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Agriculture (BoA), ANRS Plan Commission, 7 universities within the Amhara Region,

Completed experiments of the 2015 and 2016 as well as ongoing research activities were presented by the researchers involved in the implementation of the activities. Thorough deliberation has been conducted as to how trials had been carried out, how data had been gathered, the problems encountered in the execution of experiments and how they were rectified and the results obtained. Overall 51 completed (50 from ARARI and 1 from Regional University) and 152 ongoing experiments (144 from ARARI and 8 from regional universities) in crop; 49 completed (all from ARARI) and 61 ongoing activities (56 from ARARI and 5 from regional universities) in livestock; 32 completed (all from ARARI) and 43 ongoing experiments (all from ARARI) in soil and water management; 32 completed (all from ARARI) and 62 ongoing experiments (57 from ARARI and 5 from regional universities) in forestry and 61 completed (60 from ARARI and 1 from regional university) and 49 ongoing experiments (48 from ARARI and 1 from regional university) in socioeconomics and extension have been accepted and registered.

Likewise, new experiments which are assumed to be problem solving, feasible and less costly were presented, critically discussed, amended and approved taking into account their relevance, significance and availability of resources such as human, material and facilities. In general, 167 (149 from ARARI 18 from Regional Universities) in crop, 116 (98 from ARARI and 18 from regional universities) in livestock, 31 (22 from ARARI and 9 from regional universities) in soil and water, 43 (27 from ARARI and 16 from regional universities) in forestry and agro-forestry, 38 (30 from ARARI and 8 from the regional universities) in Socioeconomics and Extension, have been approved and registered.


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                                                      በኤች.አይ.ቪ ሜይንስትሪሚንግ ላይ ስልጠና ተሰ

የአማራ ግብርና ምርምር ኢንስቲትዩት ሠራተኞች እሁድ የካቲት 5 ቀን 2009 ዓ.ም በዳንግላ ከተማ በኤች.አይ.ቪ ሜይንስትራሚንግ ዙሪያ ስልጠና እንደተሰጣቸው የኢንስቲትዩቱ የህዝብ ግንኙነት ዋና የስራ ሂደት አስታወቀ፡፡

በስልጠናው ላይ ተገኝተው ስልጠናውን የሰጡት ከክልሉ ጤና ቢሮ የዘርፈ ብዙ ምላሽ ማስፋፋትና ማጠናከር ዋና የስራ ሂደት ባለሙያ የሆኑት አቶ ዋለልኝ መንግስቴ ሲሆኑ በስልጠናው ላይ ቫይረሱ በደማቸው ውስጥ ያለባቸውን የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎች፣በኤች.አይ.ቪ ምክንያት ድጋፍ የሚሹ ወላጆቻቸውን በሞት ያጡ ህፃናት፣በኤች.አይ.ቪ ቫይረስ በአዲስ የተያዙ እና ኤአርቲ በመውሰድ ላይ የሚገኙ ወገኖችን ወዘተ በተመለከተ ወቅታዊ አገር አቀፍና ክልል አቀፍ መረጃዎች ቀርበዋል፡፡ ኤች.አይ.ቪ ሜይንስትሪሚንግን በተመለከተ ከውስጣዊ ሜይንስትሪሚንግ በተጨማሪ የኢንስቲትዩቱ ደምበኞች ላይ ትኩረት በማድረግ ውጫዊ ሜይንስትሪሚንግ ላይ ሊሰራ እንደሚገባ፤ 2% የኤች.አይ.ቪ ፈንድ በሽታውን ለመከላከልና ለመቆጣጠር ስራ ብቻ (ለስራ ላይ ውይይት፣ለአቻ ለአቻ ውይይት ፣ለኮንዶም ግዥና ስርጭት፣ ለብሮሸርና በራሪ ወረቀት ህትመት ወዘተ) መዋል እንዳለበት፤ ከዚህ ውጭ ለድጋፍና ክብካቤ ተግባር መዋል እንደሌለበት፤ ይህ ተግባር መከናወን ያለበት ሠራተኛው በበጐ ፈቃድ ከገቢው ላይ በሚያወጣው ገንዘብ መሆኑን አሰልጣኙ አስገንዝበዋል፡፡

በሌበኩል በዕለቱ የኢንስቲትዩቱ የ6 ወር ዕቅድ አፈፃፀም (የሰብል፣የእንስሳት፣የደን፣የአፈርና ውሃ፣የሶሽዮኢኰኖሚክስና ኤክስቴንሽን፣ቴክኖሎጅ ብዜት፣የህዝብ ግንኙነት፣የሰው ኃይል፣ የሪፎርም ስራ፣ ወዘተ) ቀርቦ የተገመገመ ሲሆን በግምገማው ወቅትም በቀጣይ መስተካከል ባለባቸው ጉዳዮችና በይበልጥ ተጠናክረው መሠራት ባለባቸው በርካታ ስራዎች ዙሪያ ጥያቄዎችና አስተያየቶች ተነስተው ሰፊ ውይይት የተደረገባቸው መሆኑን፣በጐደሉ የፀረ ኤድስ ፈንድ ኰሚቴ አባላት ምትክ ምርጫ መደረጉንና ለፈንዱ አዳዲስ አባላትን የማፍራት ስራ መከናወኑን የኢንስቲትዩቱ የህዝብ ግንኙነት ክፍል አስታውቋል፡፡



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