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Establishment history

Established in 1999 as Research & Training Center (FTRC) of the region under BoA. Very soon following the establishment of ARARI in 2000 it has been shifted to ARARI considering it to be the only research center and named as “Bahir Dar Fisheries and Other Aquatic Life Research Center”.

Mandate area:

The research center has a regional mandate and thus it covers all areas of Amhara Region.


Bahir Dar Fisheries and Other Aquatic Life Research Center (BFALRC) shares ARARI’s vision “as to be one of prominent research institutes in Africa in generating result oriented research outputs towards achieving regional development objectives and changing the life of the population of the region”.


Bahirdar Fisheries & other Aquatic Life Research Center /BFALRC has a mission to generate, promote and develop fisheries and aquaculture technologies that improve production and productivity of fisheries contribution in food self-sufficiency in the region.


The center’s activities are organized under three case teams and are lead by case team coordinators who are accountable to the center director. The case teams are:

        Capture Fishery



Source of budget:

Mainly regular government budget from ARARI, some project fund from EIAR and some from internal revenue.

Major findings:

 Findings are generated almost every year and published in journals and proceedings both within the country and on international journals. All are useful for scientific communities and developmental institutions worldwide by their strong recommendations and conclusions made. On top of this there are also technologies such as fingerling production systems and solar tent fish drier, which are widely circulated to the end users. Resource identification and demonstration in Rivers, Reservoirs both manmade and natural water bodies of the region has been made regarding to fisheries. In all cases management plans and developmental options were forwarded every time. For instance, water hyacinth and other 8 wetlands management plan around Lake Tana were prepared collaborated with other stake holders.


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