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Socio-Economics and Agricultural Extension Research Directorate (SEERD)

Socio-Economics and Agricultural Extension Research Directorate is one of the six research directorates of Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI). The directorate is re-established since March 2012 aimed at benefiting farmers, especially women, youth and the poor groups, from selected and proven agricultural technologies to improve production, productivity, and hence their livelihoods. It is now organizing and undertaking different cross cutting research activities focused on:

  • Socio economic Issues: Like technology adoption and impact, market and value chain studies; farming system and socioeconomic surveys; agricultural policies and institutions analysis; and of natural resources, environments and agricultural production economic studies
  • Research Extension: Pre-extension demonstration, promotion and popularization of technologies, participatory technology evaluation, demonstration, seed multiplication and popularization, and pre-scale up/scale out of popularized technologies. In addition, it also considers extension-communication, diffusion, network and linkage analysis, training organization and manual preparations etc.. FREG is one of the major tools used to approach farmers and undertake many of the extension activities.
  • Gender Issues: Gender Mainstreaming in agricultural research and extension activities, capacity building and collecting and analysing data on gender relations in the agricultural sector of the region.

The directorate has man power comprising of different level of education and disciplines: economics, agricultural extension, rural development, and social science related studies. However, female researcher composition is very minimal.

Responsibilities and activities of the directorate include:

  • Generating and providing tangible information technologies that can improve the contribution of agricultural research outputs through identifying the challenges and opportunities of production and productivity limitations in the different farming system and agro-ecologies; and assessing the adoption and impact of different technologies disseminated to the farming community.
  • Assessing the socio-economic factors that limit the dissemination, adoption, and uptake of proven agricultural technologies which can help to improve production & productivity.
  • Enhancing the extension and promotion of the proven research outputs of agricultural technologies.
  • Establishing an implementing and enabling system to considering gender in the research activities and technology promotion.

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